Students consider voting on Election Day


Photo Credit: Rachel O'Connor

Some students have the right to vote — but are they using it?

The phrase “the day after the first Monday in November” may seem like lawyer jargon and for good reason — it signifies Election Day in the United States. Election Day is an important day for America. On this day, which happens to be November 5th this year, the fate of our governing officials is determined through the people’s votes.

For many students, this is an exciting day because it is the first time they will be able to vote and have a voice in our nation’s future. However, there are also those that will be incapable of voting solely because they did not register.

Emily Brennan, a senior, is one of these people. She commented on her voting status during a recent interview. “I would have swooped into the voting booth on the back of a bald eagle while singing the national anthem, but I forgot to register,” she said. “So there’s that.”

Though many are enthusiastic about the prospect of voting, they do not have a lot of the gumption or drive to actually register and learn the facts about who is running and what their issues are. There is a multitude of students that turn eighteen by the time Election Day rolls around but not many act on their newfound status as a legal adult and possible voter.

It does not seem like many students in the senior class will be voting this year. Not only because they forgot to register, but also because many students cannot yet vote due to their age.

One such student spoke to us briefly.  “Yeah, I guess I would’ve voted…especially if they gave out Chapstick like O’Hagan was in town for his campaign. I can’t wait to turn eighteen so I can vote!” said senior Samantha Moore, who has not yet turned eighteen.

For those that are capable of voting, the polls are open in New Jersey from 6am to 8pm. The position of Governor of New Jersey will be up for grabs with Republican incumbent Chris Christie running against Democrat Barbara Buono.

A special election was held on October 16, 2013 to elect Democrat Cory A. Booker, former Newark Mayor, as Senator due to the untimely death of former NJ Senator Frank Lautenberg, so voting on the position of Senator is unnecessary and will not appear on polls.

In Glen Rock, positions on the governing council of the town are able to be voted on. Republican council incumbents Michael O’Hagan and Mary Jane Surrago are running against their Democratic opponents Sean Brennan and Amy Martin.