College Fair draws students in droves


Lining the Cafeteria and gymnasium, college representatives attracted prospective college students last Wednesday.

From Harvard University to Bergen Community College, colleges from across the country set-up station to promote their education.

Parents and students wandered through row after row of cheerful representatives who sat behind colorful posters and stacks of informational brochures. This year’s college fair was on Wednesday the 30th of October from 7-9pm, perhaps coincidentally the same night as “Goosey Night,” an evening commonly associated with various illicit pranks played on neighbor’s houses.

“I thought it really interesting.” said sophomore Josh Stein.

“It was good to go see all the different options,” agreed senior Pat Lawless.

The event was held in the Cafeteria and the Middle School Gym, with schools A-L in the cafeteria and M-Z in the gym. Some tables were considerably more crowded than others, with colleges such as Rutgers massing large droves of students and parents in front of their stations. While the fair can be an informational experience for some, others found it rather superfluous.

“You can find just about everything online these days,” said junior student Jeremy Winter. “Why bother with the fair?”

“I only went to fill out the mailing slips,” said Senior Nadia Fazal.

“Some of the colleges on the list didn’t even show up,” commented senior student Jonathan Spielman. “Some representatives were different from the other college fair, but otherwise it was nothing new.”

English and Journalism teacher Mr. Toncic, who attended The College of New Jersey, had no comment on college fairs. “I’ve never been to a college fair,” he said. “I had already known which college I wanted to attend.”

With proponents both for and against, perhaps one must attend a fair to truly weigh-in on its efficacy.