The Beginning of a Possible Homework Revolution


Photo Credit: Kaitlin Stansel

It may be Halloween, but there’ll be no homework to scare you.

Glen Rock High School announced a “No Homework Night” designed to alleviate over-scheduled students.

The No Homework Night is scheduled for later this week on Thursday, October 31st, 2013. As the name indicates, students will receive a night of no homework and, in addition, it is suggested that teachers do not schedule tests or quizzes for Friday.

“No homework days are intended to bring an awareness to the hectic schedules we all are subject to and hopefully some added relief from some of the pressures put upon our students,” Glen Rock High School’s principal, Mr.Arlotta said. “The hope is to spend some time with family and friends during this time.”

Over the course of the school year, two No Homework Nights will be scheduled — one a semester.

“I’m very excited about homework free night,” sophomore Ari Berke said, “Because I think that since the beginning of school people have been struggling to keep up with work and this day will give those struggling a chance to release some of their stress.”

Students agree that the No Homework Nights is beneficial by relieving them from the stress that they face every night whilst doing their homework. The same students, however, feel that the days which they’re scheduled for (this year’s will take place on Halloween) may be redundant, as many teachers would not schedule homework that night anyway.

“I think that the idea of a ‘No Homework Night’  is a helpful concept,” said sophomore Lilia Wood, “but I do not believe that the no homework days should be on nights where teachers typically do not give their students homework. For example, Halloween, and in previous year’s Valentine’s day.”

Some students even feel as though two No Homework Nights a year is not enough to become beneficial for students. Ari Berke shared her insight on the topic, “I think that the school should implement homework free nights throughout the school year to help kids catch up on sleep and decompress. Having a sport every day after school is very time consuming and I can say on behalf of all other athletes that there is just simply not enough time in the day. This process repeats itself week after so this day is beneficial for everyone to catch up.”

“Once a semester? Okay cool, that’s nice but that does nothing; maybe something more consistent, like the second Tuesday of every month,” said junior Sara Butler. “Otherwise there’s not really a point. It’s a good thought, but there’s no point.”

Chemistry teacher Mrs. Weisberg is ahead of the curve. She awards students who receive perfect scores on tests and quizzes a no-homework pass, which they may use once for a free night of homework. Some choose to save it for the end of the year to receive three extra credit points on their final.

“I think the ‘No Homework Day’ is a great idea!” she said. “We all need a break from our busy schedules to enjoy time with family and friends.  One of the reasons that I started giving out homework passes for special occasions or exceptional test scores was so that the students could choose to use a ‘pass’ when life got a little too hectic! My own children were in high school not too long ago, and I remember how overwhelming schedules can be.  A break from homework once in a while is [a] good thing for the students and their families!”