Review: Gianella’s Delicatessen


Without a doubt, the best place in town to get a sandwich is Gianella’s Delicatessen. It is located across the Main Line train tracks, in the CVS shopping center next to Valley National Bank. They have everything one could want in a sandwich. They have various meats, cheeses, vegetables, and sauces, brought together to make many great combos.

“My favorite item on the menu is the Johnny Depp, because it’s kind of unique,” said Andrew Vizzi, junior at Glen Rock High School. “It’s nice and warm, with bacon. It excites one’s senses.”

“I usually just stick with the John Wayne because it’s nice and simple. It’s got hot roast beef with gravy. Who doesn’t love hot roast beef with gravy?” said Kevin Besser, also a junior at GRHS.

A foot long sandwich can be brought with a side of chips and a drink for a mere $5, a very good deal compared to Subway, the other sandwich shop in town, which sells a foot long sandwich at $5 and up.

Gianella’s is has more on it’s menu than just its sandwiches at great prices, however. They have plenty of other items, too, including some great French fries which most people don’t know about.

“They’ve got good French fries! I love them.” says junior Tim Mountain, a satisfied customer.

Also, despite the various alternative dessert places around town, many believe Gianella’s has the best cookies.

“For sure, if I’m downtown and I want a nice cookie, Gianella’s is the place to go. They have these big chocolate chip cookies, or M&M, or sprinkles, for only a dollar twenty-five.” said Brendan Geen, another student.

There you have it folks, Gianella’s is a great place to get food for a low price. If you’re looking for a good sandwich, French fries, delicious cookies and more, Gianella’s is the place to go.

4 stars. 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!