Buckle up and drive


Photo Credit: Meaghan Murray

The next wave of student drivers hits the road as Lee Maitner takes over the wheel.

Lee Maitner, a GRHS junior, turned 17-years-old on October 15th, which is when she received her license. She couldn’t wait for the day that she could drive alone with her friends, and now that it has finally come, she is overcome with joy.

Of course every new driver feels nervous to drive alone, but Lee said she is very comfortable behind the wheel.

“I love driving to school with my friends,” said Maitner. “It makes me feel great, like I’m growing up.”

With the new license come new responsibilities. One of those including GDL (NJ state graduated driver licensing laws). This means that until a driver has a basic driver’s license, s/he can only drive with one person in the car unless accompanied by an adult.

Some students question the effectiveness of this protocol.

“Driving is about concentration of the driver, you could be distracted alone or with people in the car,” said Lee.

According to Lee, extra driving classes are very helpful, and the most important thing to remember is to always stay calm when driving.