‘Flintstone Freshmen’ hallway stripped to bedrock


The good intentions of the Freshmen class were met with a disappointing reality.

Less than 24-hours after the ‘Flintstone Freshman’ hallway was decorated, groups of students had already dismantled the hard work of the freshmen. Wednesday morning, the freshman students were frustrated to see their hard work already reduced to rubble.

Some Freshman students voiced concerns that the hallway did not meet the Freshman class’ expectations even before the unruly demolition throughout Wednesday’s classes.  “The class officers worked really hard to plan it,” said Co- Vice President Julia Rooney. “But when they were actually doing it… it did not work out at all.”

Perhaps the Freshmen students didn’t initially recognize that the task was as taxing as they soon realized, and both the officers and Freshmen advisers would likely have preferred a stronger turnout.

The original hallway decorations sported designs pulling from the 1960-66 cartoon, The Flintstones.

Disregarding the hallway’s initial appearance, though, it soon looked like the stone age when unknown students unfortunately disassembled the previous night’s construction.

A few Freshman students believe they know whom to blame.  “The seniors were going through the freshmen hallway looking at our decorations,” said Freshman student Jewel Quigley, “Then they decided that it would be a good idea to rip some of the decorations off the wall.”

Seniors putting down freshmen is not an uncommon concept, but these alleged accusations would need additional evidence to be supported. In defense of the Senior class, they did change the negative Pep Rally tradition (toward freshmen) into a positive one this year.

Regardless of whichever group was behind the demolition of the hallway, the freshmen officers must continue to carry out their responsibilities. They will have to continue working together even though, as Co-VP Julia Rooney said, “It’s hard working with other people.”

A moment in the hallway before the chaos.
A moment in the hallway before the chaos.