Don’t Sweat(er) It.


Perhaps creating a lasting memory, these photograph friendly 11th grade students all wore the same sweater to student pictures this year, continuing a Glen Rock ritual passed down throughout the ages.

Thursday, October 3rd, picture day at Glen Rock High School.  Students in grades 9 through 12 took their class pictures during gym classes.  One freshman boy said, “I’m really excited and think picture day is great.”   

At Glen Rock High School, grade eleven boys elected to wear the same t-shirts or sweaters.  Scrolling through the yearbook, one can find clusters of students posed in a common cheesy sweater or outdated glasses.  Although, several students had been sent down to the office in the morning, the others continued to believe they should still wear it.

“I think it’s funny.  If it is not derogatory, hurtful, or offensive in anyway, what is the harm? I just think it’s just really stupid,”  a junior boy stated later that day.

Students who took part in dressing like that were told it was “disrespectful” and “to think about what they were wearing” by teachers and higher ups.

“I’m the one paying for my pictures,” said one junior boy when threatened to be sent to the office. “I’m going to wear what I want to.”  

Three junior boys that were sent to the office last Thursday and had their parents contacted by school authorities.  No photos were retaken, and the boys did not have to report for any detentions.