What does Mother Nature have in store for us this Halloween?

It’s going to be Halloween once more, but students don’t know what to expect.


Will the weather cooperate this year, or is Halloween in the Northeast truly haunted?

2011: an unexpected snowstorm

2012: a devastating hurricane

2013… Expectations are high

Halloween in the United States is a holiday like any other: houses get decorated, children get excited, and some type of special food is required — in this case, plenty of candy. But for the past two years, mother nature has decided to cancel our festivities leaving us with no costumes, no candy, but plenty of sad faces.

After all the waiting, many are anxious about how it’s all going to play out, will there be another storm? Perhaps a tornado, as was forecast this day of publication? Or was the government’s shutdown our Halloween fiasco this year? No one knows, but, with the weather hopefully staying in check, people start planning.

“We are probably going to a parade at the school, trick or treating with her friends and maybe to a costume party,” commented a mother at Coleman’s elementary school.  “No back up plans, we’ll hope for the best and see how it goes.”

At the same time, many others don’t fully trust the weather, so they planned a more relaxed evening for the 31st, just in case.

Others were more concerned about their responsibilities.  “I’m probably not going trick or treating because it’s on a Thursday and I have homework,” said Cami Kaselow, a freshman in GRHS.  “I wouldn’t mind a storm, they are cool, and it sets the mood for Halloween, and it would be kind of great since we would miss school and get the whole day to celebrate it.”

“I don’t really care about the storm, since I don’t celebrate,” said sophomore Nico Llosas. “But I’ll be sure to charge my iPhone before Halloween starts this year… as long as the WI-FI works, I’ll be okay”.