GRHS: Hallway Faux Pas

Whether you thought you were alone or just walking  with a friend…it has happened to us too.

  1. Zipping your fly.

“Oh, hey Teach, didn’t see you monitoring the hall!”

  1. That time you started talking to yourself about how hard that test was.

No…no matter how many times you say the quadratic formula out loud it is not going to change the fact that you added 4ac.

  1. Using your phone.

OOPS — totally forgot that was a thing… it was my mom anyway.

  1. Talking to your friend about that other person you totally hate.

Oh you walk down this hallway too!?

  1. Humming “Wrecking Ball”,  which has been stuck in your head all morning.

I came in like a wreckin’… Oh, hi, yeah, I hate Miley too.

  1. Wrong locker.

Casually making the shift over…it is awkward, trust us.

  1. The sassy hair flip

 You know you’re fabulous…now so does that other person behind you

  1. Tripping on your ugg boots that you don’t pick up off the floor.

Yeah, it was awkward; there was nothing there…why did you trip?

  1. Turning to talk to your friend when they are nowhere to be found.

Yeah, that freshman definitely just branded you a freak… he does not care about your weekend.