Hungry for Company

A new proposal could lead the way to a new student lunch room.


Photo Credit: Florencia Llosas

Teacher’s might be hungry for a new place to socialize.

A proposal to reopen the space behind the stage on the middle school side of the cafeteria for teachers to have lunch is being discussed by the school faculty.

Teachers currently have lunch in either their department rooms or in their classrooms, usually by themselves or accompanied by teachers from their own departments — some thought the spare white room would be a great place to meet new teachers and socialize during their free time.

The room is currently unused and would need to be renovated in order to serve again as a teachers’ cafeteria. These projects would likely include a large wall that could separate the lunch room from the middle school side of the cafeteria, particularly since one big obstacle is the loud noise emitted by the children.

“I would like that space if they put up a wall,” Mrs. Walter said. “I don’t want to feel like I’m at a One Direction concert while I’m eating lunch.”

Teachers from other departments agreed that the space would be nice, but they’re not certain they’ll use it because of their limited lunch time.

“It would be nice to socialize, but I have no time,” said Ms. Bawa, the newest member of the science department.

Time and noise are not the only factors to consider.  In the English department, some teachers discussed if, economically, it would be too much to pay for lunch every day.

“I don’t think I would use it, most of us bring our own lunch,” Mrs. Comarato said.

This proposition has been fairly recent, so teachers will have to wait for the school administration to get back to them with the final decision.