From Peace Corps to Glen Rock High

Insight into the new history teacher, Mr. Lyon.


Teaching in the Eurasian country of Georgia, Mr. Lyon served as a teacher in the Peace Corp before beginning at Glen Rock.

If you think teaching in Glen Rock is rigorous, try creating a curriculum for 1st graders in the country of Georgia.

Mr. Lyon, our new history teacher, comes from a service-concentrated family background and loves giving back to others. He is passionate about adventure and the outdoors. “I love something crazy and kind of hard, something to get my adrenaline pumpin’,” Mr. Lyon said.

This outdoorsy teacher initially wanted to be in the military. But after a medical condition restricted him from enrolling, he pursued a career in teaching. Mr. Lyon attended American University for his undergraduate degree and later matriculated into TCNJ for his graduate degree in Secondary Education and Social Studies.

But Mr. Lyon did not go immediately into teaching.

After attending TCNJ, he went on to serve in the Peace Corps in Georgia. He said that he was the only American teacher at the school of 1st through 12th graders. Nevertheless, he said that he “loved his experience at the school and met many life-long friends.”

He added that two major differences between there and here were that the students called him by his first name and that there was no heating or air conditioning.

Mr. Lyon has also taught text interpretation and essay writing at Batumi State University.

He could not, however, resist his inclination toward social studies.  “I was the kid who would run downstairs on a Saturday morning and watch the history channel,” he said.

Mr. Lyon teaches U.S. History 1 and U.S. History 2 College Prep courses which are for 10th and 11th graders.

When asked about the other teachers in the history department, he said, “They all have an intelligent, wise knowledge of history.” He also has stated that he has enjoyed his time here thus far as a teacher and enjoys the students’ questions.

His only complaint is the noise that the radiator makes — but I’m sure every student and faculty member can agree with him on that one.

Mr. Lyon spends his free time backpacking, kayaking, and even skydiving. He likes to go to Monmouth by the beach… and then jump out of a plane, letting himself glide through the air. “I like challenging my own fears,” said Mr. Lyon. Tellingly, he was also a wrestler in high school.

Mr. Lyon is a new teacher full of excitement and will bring a fresh perspective to learning with his experiences abroad.