Summer Sports

While staying inside on long hot summer days and playing video games is enjoyable, those can also lead to atrophied muscles. Save the gaming for late night. Summer is here, and it’s time to play ball with your brethren. It’s game time!

Roller Hockey – Swiftly becoming one of my favorite outdoor activities, Roller Hockey is a great way to challenge your friends. Glen Rock provides a great facility in the Roller Rink located at Memorial Park. There are 2 sets of goalie pads and sticks for public use. Roller is also best for a bigger group of about twelve kids.

World Cup – What can I say about world cup? (Besides that Dan Hurley and I are easily the best team on the East Coast.) I can also say that’s its one of the greatest and most unknown forms of soccer there is. Played with about twelve athletes (and one goalie), teams of 2 are made. You choose a country and compete with the other teams to score. You also choose a random country name that you must scream before you shoot on goal. Every round, the last two teams to not score compete for the last spot in the next round. At the end of the game the last 2 teams battle it out to win.

Frisbee – If you’re not out tossing a Frisbee at least 3 days a week during the summer, you are doing it wrong. Easily one of the basic forms of entertainment, Frisbee has been around since its invention in 1957. You can either play catch with a group of friends or, if you’re a champion, Ultimate Frisbee. The rules of ultimate Frisbee are simple: six or so players on a team and you cannot move while holding the Frisbee. You play on a field with two end zones and try to score for your team by throwing the Frisbee in the end zone. There is no greater joy in the world than going up 1v1 for someone in the end zone for the Frisbee and hearing the crowd go wild.