Junior Prom (2013)


Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Jesse Forstot

Before the fesitivities began, Junior couples posed for a photograph on May 17th.

by Alex Dragona, Staff Writer

Friday, May 17th was the annual Junior Prom held at none other than Macaluso’s in Hawthorne. Approximately 170 students (from both GRHS and other schools) arrived, looking wonderful, at the Hamilton Circle dressed-up and amped-up for the Junior Prom experience. Some were new to the event while others were veterans to Prom life. Regardless of someone’s prom expertise, the majority of attendees enjoyed themselves.

The night started off with various appetizers that the hungry attendees lined up for immediately, then, shortly after most people were finished with their plates, dancing followed. The time for dancing was short before salad was served, subsequently followed by a delicious main course. Once all of the meals and food were out of the way, a few prom-goers got the dancing going and everyone else followed.

“The DJ was great!” said junior Aidan Burgoyne, “There were a lot of good tunes playing that really got the students moving.”

While many of the students were active on the dance floor, there were several people that spent time enjoying the delicious cuisine Macaluso’s offers and conversing with their friends. Junior Pat Duff referred to the food as “better than mama’s home cooking!”

Even the teacher-chaperones seemed to appreciate the event, and they added to the energy of the evening. For instance, Mr. Kurz was dressed quite exquisitely. Additionally, teacher and chaperone, Mr. Toncic, summarized, “The venue was well-planned and everyone had a good time.”

As the night came to a close and the students left stuffed, tired out from dancing, and satisfied with the night. Most juniors said they were looking forward to next year’s senior prom, as well.