Who’s Sleeping in that Bed? Facebook and Roomsurf as College Roommate Search Tools

Youre planning to live on campus next year... but with whom?

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: blog.studentadvisor.com

You’re planning to live on campus next year… but with whom?

by Emily Stokes, A&E Editor

With college quickly approaching for this year’s seniors, the race to find a roommate is on. With Facebook, we students are able to contact other incoming freshman (complete strangers) to potentially live with for the next four years of our lives. But is this the right path to take?

It may seem scary to some students and adults that we choose to go into a completely new situation with a person we’ve never met, practically sharing our lives with them. Yet some people like the control and picking and choosing a person they seem to get to know over the internet. The question may be whether we can really depend on a profile picture to tell us about who a person really is?

Others, such as student Sarah Mastrocola, have used both Facebook groups and other sites to find the perfect roommate.

Roomsurf, a website that hosts a questionnaire you fill out (it includes pastimes and other characteristics) that match you up with the “perfect” roommate.

“Through Facebook I saw some potential people, but then I turned to Roomsurf to match me up,” said Sarah.

There is no definitive correct answer. Some schools don’t even give you the option of choice — it is all completely random. Either way, the transfer to college will be a meaningful experience for all, regardless of who shares your room.