Featured: Glen Rock HS Basketball Lady Panthers


Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Max Marcilla

Hoping for fan turnout to match their record, the first place Lady Panthers have earned your support.

by Max Marcilla, Featured Sports Editor

Whether intentionally or not, unless someone is a member of a girls’ athletic team or affiliated with it, fans tend to pay more attention to male athletics. This is reflected in professional leagues, such as the NBA, NFL, and MLB. If someone asked for the names of three players in the NBA, chances are that many could name them in less than five seconds. Yet on the other hand, if someone asked for the names of three players in the WNBA: could you do it?

The point is simple — female athletics unfortunately don’t receive as much attention as male athletics. Yet the Glen Rock High School Girls’ Varsity Basketball team has gotten off to a terrific start, seemingly under the radar. The team’s record is now 17-3, and they are tied for first in the division with River Dell.

Even after reaching the semi-finals for seven straight years, Coach Dave Mosconi said attendance at the games was poor. Coach Mosconi acknowledged that female athletics “don’t get enough credit for skill” and when asked if that will change, he replied simply with “I highly doubt it ever will.”

Coach Mosconi did say, however, that as the team made their run in the tournament the past few years, the fan base started to grow. When asked how a big crowd in an important game affected their team in the past, he said, “Any athlete playing for a big crowd will realize it. Yes, it may get them nervous, well who doesn’t get nervous, but they are also very excited.”

This year, Coach Mosconi expects a great ending, including home field advantage in the tournament. Coach Mosconi said, “The only thing I would ever change about the situation is the fan base from the student body. We want to see more students, not just family.”

Their last game was a 45-29 win over Hawthorne. Come support your Glen Rock Lady Panthers in their next home game next Tuesday (2/12) at 7:00 P.M against Pompton Lakes.