Galentine’s Day

Its the holiday season...

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Parks and Recreation

It’s the holiday season…

by Anna Lis and Jillian Rotondaro

Dear Lady Panthers,

We all know what time of the year it is: GALENTINE’S DAY. Many of you may be familiar (and if not get familiar) with the popular show on NBC, Parks and Recreation. Well the show has taken this usually horrible time of the year and flipped it around with a nice holiday.

As many of us know, Valentine’s day is rapidly approaching and, with that, comes discounted chocolate and useless gifts. So before this day of cheesy pick up lines and smelly roses, why not have the best day of your life with Galentine’s Day? For those of you who aren’t familiar with this holiday, it involves all of one’s leading ladies and a round of pancakes at the nearest diner.

The holiday takes place on the 13th of February (right before Valentine’s Day).  We are here to inform you of the ten steps for a successful Galentine’s Day.

1.     Get your gals!

2.     Hit up any and every diner within 20 miles of you.

3.     Try to resist your temptation to buy every single packet of chocolate cause, gal, it’s 75% off tomorrow.

4.     Cry about your feelings then reward yourself with another stack of pancakes because you are strong independent gal who doesn’t need a man.

5.     Watch a Nicholas Spark’s movie.

6.     Cry some more

7.     Make fondue with assistance of your leading ladies.

8.     Reward your gals with every stupid stuffed bear you can find in every store you walk into.

9.     Tell each other you look great in that dress.

10.     Buy yourself a rose.


With these ten steps you are guaranteed to have a smashing Galentine’s Day. We can’t guarantee that Valentines Day will be any better than previous years. BUT, gal, with all that 75% off chocolate you will be too far gone in your chocolate coma to realize how bad Valentine’s Day actually is.