New Physical Education Assessment System in Effect


Photo Credit: Credit To: Minnesota Public Radio

The new system gives “Gym Class Heroes” the opportunity to get the proper assessment they deserve.

by Dean Sponholz, Business Manager

The Physical Education department at Glen Rock has taken it upon themselves to implement a new grading system for all P.E. students. The new system will commence at the start of the third marking period. The system was conceived so that the teacher can more easily and accurately grade a student’s daily performance.

The system incorporates a 4-point assessment system in various categories. Every day, each student will have the opportunity to earn 4-points in their class. All students will be graded with one point on their fitness: their effort in the warm-up drills and exercises. The other points will be used to grade behavior (sportsmanship, respect, being on task), skill/technique, and knowledge. At the end of each class, the teachers will asses each student in every one of those four categories.

This is, however, only a trial period for the new system as both the teacher and student need time to accurately assess the system’s functionality.

Glen Rock physical education teacher, Bonnie Zimmerman, said, “I am excited to be a part of the new grading system at Glen Rock. It will give my hard workers a chance to show just how hard they really work. Gym isn’t just about showing up. It’s about giving it your all.”