TMS: The Monogram Sensation


Seeking a reason behind the monogram craze, Emily Stokes looks to individuality.

by Emily Stokes, A&E Editor

Self-identity: everybody wants to be known in their own way. The monogram, however, has taken over as a way to personalize any product a consumer may depend on. Why has it become so popular and what may we be able to make our own?

Perhaps it all started when we were younger, running through the halls of the elementary school with our LL Bean backpacks that, of course, had to have our initials on the back. As if we didn’t already stand out enough, we needed those three letters to separate ourselves from the pack.

Slowly but surely, the trend increased as we grew with age, transporting the monogram from our backpack to our Nike Shoes as those three letters returned once again. Secret messages were scrawled on the tongues of sneakers in order to make our mark.

Now we enter the world of the 21st century, of technological innovations. Instead of a simple case to protect our expensive cell phones, we have self-claimed them through those aforementioned monograms once again in order to personalize what seems like the entire world owns. But why? What is it that draws us to highlight those three letters of ours?

In a chaotic world that we feel we may blend in to, it may be that we choose to display who we are in every way possible, including the simplicity of a monogram. Instead of seeming to be unnecessary, it may just be the one way we feel that we can stand out in a world of repetition.