Interior Design Club Seeks $50,000 Grant


Hoping for a $50,000 grant to redesign GRHS areas in need, the Interior Design class seeks YOUR help to win.

by Nicole Emond, Faculty Writer

How To Vote:

Voting will take place between November 12-December 19.  You may vote once a day every day.  Please text 603pbf to 95248 or click here to vote online.

As you may have heard, Glen Rock High School’s Interior Design program was nominated for the Clorox Power a Bright Future Grant. GRHS has the chance to win $50,000. You may view the nomination by following this link.

Seven winners are decided by vote.  The nominee with the most votes overall wins $50,000, and three awards of $25,000 will be given to the nominees with the most votes in each category.  The Interior Design class would like to win the biggest prize.  The money will be used to provide some much needed upgrades to various spaces around the school.  The more we win, the more we can do!

Project Description:

Glen Rock High School’s Interior Design program offers students the opportunity to assess, design, plan and transform an interior space based on specific parameters.  Part of the school’s rigorous Fine Arts program, Interior Design seeks to provide students with creative experiences that form both their aesthetic responses and the ability to create.  In the past, actual design has been limited to drawings, plans and models.

This grant would allow our students to explore Interior Design through actual implementation of a planned design.  Students will work together to assess, plan, budget and transform the old Faculty Room.  Guest speakers in the industry will enrich the students’ journey.  A learning experience for students that seeks to transform a space for teachers is sure to be transforming for all.  Funding would also ensure that the project’s life would extend beyond a single semester, and would allow for future classes to transform additional spaces in the school. The endeavor would also allow for interdisciplinary collaboration, such as Photography – related projects, Engineering & Architecture projects…etc. (the sky’s the limit

YOUR PARTICIPATION IS ESSENTIAL IN WINNING THIS GRANT!  We would appreciate you getting the word out to anyone you think could help.  I thank you all in advance for your help.