A Few Words Before You Begin…


Photo Credit: Lilia Wood

Launching November 13th, 2012, Glen Rock High School’s first ever online newspaper is poised to impress. With frequently updated news and articles, check back often to see the professional reporting done by GRHS students. Artwork created by Lilia Wood.

by Mr. Jason Toncic, Faculty Advisor

It is with great honor that I announce the premiere of The Glen Echo online, the student-run school newspaper of Glen Rock High School!  With seemingly tireless devotion and diligence, the student staff writers have crafted a solid assortment of writing on a wide-array of topics.  Ranging from student life to sports news (both local and national), politics to food critiques, and video game reviews to fashion articles, The Glen Echo staff has created – in a mere three months – an online newspaper that is simply astounding.

As the first-year adviser for the newspaper, I would like to take a moment to thank those responsible for these accomplishments: starting, of course, with my incredible newspaper staff.  I’d also like to thank: Mr. Albano, Mr. Arlotta, Mr. Purciello, Mrs. O’Hearn, Mrs. Redvanly, the patrons of The Glen Echo, our paid sponsors, the school board, the GREA, all of the GRHS English department, anyone interviewed or photographed for our issues, and the parents who have accommodated these young writers.

I would also like to thank you, dear reader.  Without you, a newspaper has no point – no purpose – no substance – without you we don’t exist.  So, I urge you – read on!  Take a moment to comment on a student’s work (s/he will undoubtedly appreciate it).  If you’re a student, write to one of your peers what you think in response to their article.  Open up a dialogue.  Write a letter to the editor.  Draw a cartoon (we do need a cartoonist).

But most of all, stick around.  We’re not done yet.  Here at The Glen Echo, we’ll update as often as we can, aiming for new articles to be posted multiple times each and every week.  Our class has our eyes set on a prestigious Pacemaker award and we’ll be working toward improving our layout and offerings each and every day.