Slime Time Sophomores 2012-2013


Serving as the banner and slogan of the 2012-2013 sophomore class, the Slime Time Sophomores’ hall decorations were a great hit. Accompanied by hit Nickelodeon songs during passing time, the Slime Time Sophomores pushed the envelope in creating an immersive hallway design.

by Rachael Vallespir, Staff Writer

I recently had a chance to speak with the sophomore class adviser, Mrs. Walter, about plans for the year and the sophomore hallway. Mrs. Walter and Mrs Wittenberg are the sophomore class advisers this year. A few weeks ago, Mrs. Walter and Mrs. Begg designed a class t-shirt in honor of Nickelodeon (a popular television channel for children and teenagers) after a meeting of the class officers voted in the theme of Slime Time Sophomores.

On the sixteenth of October, a group of sophomores dedicated their day (and some of their night!) to decorating the upstairs sophomore hallway. As one of that group. I spent time hanging up balloons and placing colored veneers over the lights. I spent hours there and was amazed by how much was accomplished in what seemed like the short time I was there.

The sophomores still have their semiformal to look forward to in June, and the class officers are working hard to make the semiformal fun for everyone. They hope to make semiformal a night for sophomores to remember.

Mrs. Walter, when asked about her experience as a class officer, noted: “I like getting to know the kids in the class closely for 4 years. As a teacher, I see juniors and only juniors… but when you are a class advisor, you get to meet the kids when they are goofy, gangly, and earnest freshmen, then the kids get excited and really into the school as sophomores (we had the largest turn out for hallway decorating, moreso than any other class this year) and then as juniors the kids get really serious and really throw themselves into working for the school and their grades. Then finally during senior year so many students have changed and matured and are planning their future, being the class advisor you get to really see the growth and development more closely and you form bonds with that class that last forever!”

Please stayed tuned for additional information about the sophomore semiformal.