Featured: The Varsity Volleyball Team


Photo Credit: Max Marcilla

Celebrating a huge tournament win, the Glen Rock Panthers raise the bracket aloft for the camera. With a 17-1 record, these girls, led by Coach Kingsley, have proven their merit as a force to be reckoned with within their league and beyond.

by Max Marcilla, Feature Writer: Sports

This past Monday Night, the veteran quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Payton Manning, led the team on a 35-0 run, leading the team to a victory. Experience is crucial for any sport. Yet for Glen Rock High School’s Varsity Volleyball team, which may lack time and experience, they have achieved and succeeded without an abundance of time on the court together.

The team is comprised of a nearly even balance of ages, consisting of many freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. They’ve been good — no, they’ve been great. The team has posted a 17-1 record and won their first two in the Bergen County Volleyball tournament. The last game was a win over Ramsey, 25-20, 25-13. For a team who has freshman playing for the first time and upperclassmen who haven’t participated in a large amount of tournaments, a 2-0 start to the tourney is very good.

I spoke to first year head coach, Mr. Matt Kingsley, who told me that the team is small (meaning they have fewer players than many other teams). He also said that the key to winning involves three things, serve-receive, serve, and playing great defense. This team has done it all — and more. They have “done all the little things well” (to quote Mr. Kinglsey), which we Panther-faithful can all see by their impressive record. Coach Kingsley is very happy and confident in the play of his team.

With Counties and States coming up, the Glen Rock Varsity Volleyball team will have to come up big in order to improve their outstanding record and beat Ramapo in the tournament.