Featured: The Panther Cheerleaders


by Max Marcilla, Feature Editor (Sports)

Cheerleading may not be the first word that comes to mind when people hear these words: sweat, determination, or injuries. But cheerleading is more than just an after-school activity; it is a sport. A lifestyle.  A passion

For Glen Rock High School Cheer coaches, Sally Binder and Danielle Hearon, cheerleading is just as much of a sport as football or basketball. With practices everyday and as many concussions as other major sports, the cheerleaders make a commitment to cheer. When I asked Coach Binder why she believed it is a sport, she said “Cheer is more than just jumping and kicking, I mean, these girls have to balance one another on top of a pyramid!”

The coaches note that to be a cheerleader, dance and gymnastic lessons are crucial to the students’ success.  They can definitely tell if an athlete is an experienced dancer or gymnast.

Cheer is very similar to a lot of major sports: the work habits, practice times, and determination are all similar.  But cheer also separates itself from all other sports, with a unique skill set required to be a cheerleader. The Panther cheerleaders look forward to demonstrating their prowess and ability at the next game and hope to see you there.