The Glen Echo

“Outer Banks” film review

by Emma Neubart, Staff Writer

May 4, 2020

The new Netflix series, Outer Banks, is designed to take viewers back in time to the ‘80s with its style and drama that make the storyline so intriguing. It is said by many that OBX is a combination of several different classic movies as well as Netflix Originals such as Goonies, The O.C., Red Daw...

Free period for in-season athletes

by Emma Neubart, Staff Writer

November 18, 2019

Last year, just a few hours before the Bergen County semifinals game against Lyndhurst, a starting player of the soccer team was playing a game in gym class with a group of their friends. While playing the game, two of the kids smashed heads. The soccer player cut their eyebrow open and was rushed to ...

On and off the ice

Anthony Maurice shoots the game winning goal on a breakaway against the New Jersey Rockets in 2019.

by Emma Neubart, Staff Writer

October 15, 2019

Stepping onto the ice at the Chicago Bauer National Championship in 2012, Anthony Maurice had his focus on one thing, winning. Nerves consumed him as he stared into the eyes of the opposing forward of the L.A. Junior Kings. The puck had been dropped at center ice for the face off. As he skated along th...


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