‘What’s on your mind today?’: ‘Shrinking’ combinds comedy and tragedy into an unlikely concoction

by Olivia Berard, Copy Editor

“Shrinking” is taking Apple TV+ by storm; it combines comedy and a heart wrenching story into an unlikely concoction. Typically, the contrast of genres would not complement each other, but this show does exactly that. “Shrinking” stars Jason Segel, a prominent face in 2000-2010s films. And to say this new comedy is “good” is utterly insufficient. Although episodes are a brief 30 minutes, there is not one dull moment. Punchline after punchline. Chuckle after chuckle. 

Therapist Jimmy Laird lost his wife in a tragic car accident. Guilt drawn from issues stemming in their marriage came spewing out of Jimmy after her death. He began recklessly telling his patients what he truly thought. Ethically, a therapist is supposed to give professional advice, not advice a friend would give to a friend. 

By pushing the boundaries with his patients, Jimmy runs into new characters that aid him in his grieving journey. His nosey neighbor helps him mend his relationship with his daughter and his colleagues express some advice to pull him out of his funk. By the end of the ten episodes, there is a dopey smile on Jimmy’s face again. 

The casting is on point. Harrison Ford’s dry humor compliments Jessica Williams’ bubbly personality. Jason Segel’s daughter in the show, Lutika Maxwell, is the epitome of teenage girls in the 21st century. The overbearing, nosy mother, played by Christa Miller, is not the neighbor we all want… Or maybe she is. Either way, she is the perfect motherly fit for a girl who lost her own mother. 

Although the plot has a grim undertone, the message of the show is quite heartwarming. It displays the troubles of grief when losing a loved one, but how with the aid of caring friends, you can get through it. Grief is not an easy hardship by any means, but there are ways to comfort a grieving friend. 

The show is now renewed for a second season, leaving the audience with incredible anticipation. I promise it is worth a watch, especially since it’s a little over five hours in total. You will laugh until your abs hurt and smile until your cheeks ache.