Challenger Program, benefiting us all

by Kieran Kennedy, Social media manager

The challenger program currently up and running in multiple towns near us such as Ridgewood,Ramsey etc, is coming to Glen Rock. It is being run by GRHS junior Ethan Diamond and the program’s purpose is to give children with special needs the chance to play and experience baseball. The way it works is they take the kids and split them up into different stations that have the experience of the different parts of baseball, such as fielding the ball, taking ground balls or pop flies, and hitting either off of a tee, or having someone pitch to them and even base running. 

The camp is being run by a bunch of volunteers, mostly students at GRHS with a 3 to 1 ration from volunteers to participants to help assist them in the camp. With many kids signed up from all over Bergen county Ethan Diamond says “I’m very excited,I think it’s really cool to see these kids, you know, having fun playing baseball, and just doing something they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to do”. This program will be benefiting both the volunteers and kids greatly. The volunteers will gain experience and teaching skills while the participants will gain the thrill of playing baseball and having a good time in an interactive, enjoyable environment.

The first camp was hosted on Sunday April 16th and couldn’t have gone any smoother. With 10 kids signed up, all 10 showed up and had a blast. With a rough shy start, they quickly got comfortable with the environment and started to build into the program with the kids and volunteers cheering them on giving the the experience they always dreamed of.