The fall of Nabisco

by Cole Tennant, Social Media Manager

As destruction dooms, the sad, bare-boned Nabisco still stands just off 208 North on the border of Fair Lawn and Glen Rock. The iconic building is slowly coming to its demise but its fate is still unknown. The building was set to be imploded Saturday April 15th but was postponed due to issues with permits and asbestos. A new date for implosion has yet to be determined. Glen Rock Public Schools made a statement saying that all schools would be closed the Monday following the implosion over worries about the health and safety of the students. 

There has been much controversy regarding the implosion and many residents of Glen Rock and Fair Lawn have raised concern over the possible air and water contamination that could occur due to the implosion. The company performing the operation stated that all asbestos was  removed from all buildings as of March 17, 2023 but recently that has been proven wrong as more asbestos has been found. The company has also said that it will coordinate with residents and businesses in the exclusion zone for any special request or questions. 

The Nabisco building that still stands there now has been an iconic figure for Glen Rock and Fair Lawn residents for over 60 years. Residents will miss this landmark very much, especially the fresh smell of cookies that it coated the surrounding air with. 

Future plans for the location are unknown at this time. There have been many rumors of different things ranging from warehouses to apartments. The company Greek Development has filed to build a 644,000 sq ft warehouse at the location but has not been approved for it as of now.