Starting things up; A preview of the spring season

by Kieran Kennedy, Media


 With a downfall season last year with a record of 10-13 missing the county and state tournament, the boys will make a comeback this season. They are returning 6 seniors such as our leading hitter Hayden Yuzon and many underclassmen who contributed greatly to the team. They plan to improve their record as they are under new coaching and plan to make both tournaments and make a run,improving on their overall performance from the previous season


 Boys Lacrosse 

Coming off an outstanding season of 15-4 with chemistry better than ever making the state championship, the boys look to keep the momentum going into the new season. With the schedule looking a bit harsher this year and with only a couple seniors and a team having mostly underclassmen they plan to keep the energy going. Senior Sean Stephenson says the hard work in the off season, such as captains practices and working out at the field, will help them reach their goal of repeating winning the league championship and winning the state championship.



The spring track team had an outstanding 2022 season, finishing third in the league,almost winning the section. Also making it to the 4×4 penn relays where it holds all the best teams in the north east.They plan to win the league and section this year with many rising and current stars such as Devin Smith and Devan Wasserman, and making it back to pen relays and            nationals. 



The team had an amazing year last year finishing 14-6 and 12-0 in the conference finishing first in the league. This year they are returning two seniors and many last year sophomores to help them improve as a team and finish first in the league again. The girls look to make another run in the country tournament following last year’s performance.



The 2022 season went great where the boys finished first in the league. The team brings back three seniors, Jack Gault, Hugo Howitz, and Kevin Mcegney. With winning the league last year they hope to do it again this year as they only improved. Jack Gault stated “I couldn’t be more excited about this season because I will be playing with my friends and I think we are going to win a whole lot”.


Girls Lax

The team finished a great season with a record of 12-8 and finished second in the league. Not only did they finish second in the league but they also made a great run in the state tournament where they made it to the semi final round where they lost a close game 8-6. This year with two returning seniors Lily Alvino and Abby Boyle they plan to make an even bigger run in the state and county tournament and hope to win the league.