World Cultures Week Retrospective


Photo Credit: @grhsblackstudentunion on Instagram

One table at the culture walkaround featured GRHS’s Black Student Union of GRHS, and they supplied a variety of food and information.

by Del Geraghty, Staff Writer

This year’s world culture week kicked off with a bang, quite literally, thanks to the amazing professionals from Taikoza who graciously visited our school for a Japanese drum (taiko) performance on Monday. The performance featured audience participation and interesting information on Japanese culture. Tuesday featured the nationally renowned Queen Nur, who told us many different Muslim stories, or hadiths, meant to teach people how to behave in daily life. There was also musical accompaniment provided by Mr. James.

On Wednesday, drums showed up yet again due to the wonderful Segunda Quimbamba drum & dance group, founded by Juan Cartagena and Nanette Hernandez. Some student and teacher volunteers were taken up on stage to dance, and almost stole the show!

For the penultimate day of World Cultures Week, students and faculty set up an amazing culture walkaround in the gym, featuring tables with food and information about different cultures and entertainment ranging from a rhythm game to Columbia High School’s stellar Infinite Step Team coming in to perform. I couldn’t help but be blown away by the combined efforts of the students, the staff, and the outside volunteers who made that day so memorable. Kudos to all involved! Of course, there was still one day left, and on Friday, the Bharatanatyam dancers who came for the final presentation provided a fun end to an amazing week.