Rihanna Must Plays and Reaction

by Olivia Berard, Copy Editor

Rihanna. Is. Back.

It has been just over six years since Rihanna churned out fresh, new music. Now, she is taking on 12 minutes on stage at one of the biggest events of the year. Although she turned down the opportunity in 2019, she is ready and excited for the event. 

Even though Rihanna’s discography is iconic, it is unclear whether she’ll surprise fans with new and improved tracks. It has also been kept underwraps who her special guests will be. Maybe it will just be a significant other of hers…Possibly playing something from A$AP Rocky’s “Testing” album. 

Regardless, Rihanna’s performance will be nothing short of amazing. But, I do have some “must haves” played. And here they are:

Woo: Released on her “ANTI” album, “Woo” is truly an exhilarating experience. Chills run through my body, beginning by taking it from my ears and feeling it through my feet into the ground. From the instant you press play to the end, for the three minutes and 56 seconds, anything is possible. It is a perfect song for the SuperBowl, as it entails the idea of winning and power. 

Needed Me: Also released from her “ANTI” album, it still brings the modern music that many still love and adore. It is less of a song she will sing, but more deep breathing the vibrations. The song gives attitude and leaves room for Rihanna to bust her moves on stage. 

Umbrella: An absolute classic, “Umbrella” will win the hearts of those who miss the 2000s era of music. Coming out in 2008 from her “Good Girl Gone Bad” album, this song will allow the crowd to reminisce. Plus, a possible guest could be JAY-Z to rap alongside her. 

Diamonds: From her emotional rollercoaster of an album, “Diamonds” is my next must have for the Super Bowl. Although it is a slower song, it allows Rihanna to showcase her vocals. And after six years, I think we deserve to hear her belt out some high notes!

Disturbia: If this song isn’t on your pregame playlist, you are doing something wrong. This is a perfect addition to the other songs listed here. Hearing this song live will make my life complete. Rihanna, if you read this, please, I’m begging you. 

Some honorable mentions that aren’t in my top 5 are “Don’t Stop The Music”, “FourFiveSeconds”, “Only Girl (In The World)”, “S&M”, “Shut Up And Drive”, “SOS”, “Pon de Replay”, “Stay” I will be pleased with her performance no matter what she chooses to play. 


She was a vision of red, descending on a floating board from the sky. Rihanna started of her performance with a banger, “B*tch Better Have My Money”. This was an excellent choice to start with, but her performance still seemed to be missing something. Rihanna herself was incredible. Her voice is angelic and unique. Yet, her setlist was lacking because she didn’t sing one song all the way through. Personally, if she played my setlist, the show would have been better. 

According to Town & Country, there were 39 changes to the setlist. My theory is that Kanye West was supposed to be included in the performance because she played “All of the Lights”, which is a popular song of his. Also, Paul Macartney was viewing the SuperBowl from a box in the stadium. He is a part of the song “FourFive Seconds”, so is it really far-fetched to say they could have possibly been a part of the show before Kanye blew his reputation? I think not. 

 But fans did get an amazing surprise. Leading up to her performance, Rhianna had been teasing fans, so naturally, I was eagerly awaiting for a new face on stage. But, I was disappointed. 

I am not saying that it is a bad thing that the guest happened to be in her womb. She is superwoman for performing such a big event while carrying another life with her, especially with those flying platforms! Overall, she was excellent and although I may have been disappointed in the moment, Rihanna was incredible.