Passing The Torch: The 2022-23 Wrestling Season

by Neil Sahu, News Editor

After a rough season, The Glen Rock Wrestling Team has come back stronger. After going 5-11 last year, the team has managed to turn it around with a solid 14-8 record. This year, there is more foundation and the team has been doing good throughout their matches. There have been many key components to the wrestling team. Here are some of the most consistent wrestlers that have earned a great number of points:

Andrew Davidoff (106) – 84 points throughout this season

Jude Milan (113) – 54 points throughout this season

Harry Haslam (126) – 42 points throughout this season

Alesandro Leung Naranjo (120) – 30 points throughout this season

Eric Reznikov (120) – 72 points throughout this season

Alejandro Gomez (150) – 12 points throughout this season

Anthony Isoldi (215-285) – 18 points throughout this season

Adrian Galvez (190-215) – 42 points throughout this season

Nigel Milan (138-144) – 24 points throughout this season

Nathaniel Kafafian (157) – 6 points throughout this season

Agustin Grillo (132) – 42 points throughout this season

Nicholas Tufano (175 – 190) – 24 points throughout this season

Jake Rickett (215 – 285) – 114 points throughout this season

Anthony Zapotosky (165-175) – 120 points throughout this season

Sam Pittman (175-190) – 66 points throughout this season

Andrew Zimmerman (175) – 24 points throughout this season

Anthony Leone (138-144) – 42 points throughout this season

Ryan Hoza (132-138-144) – 108 points throughout this season

Liam Manning (157-165) – 114 points throughout this season


**stats from 12/19 – 2/11

Last year, there was only one senior on the wrestling team, but now Glen Rock has 6-7 seniors that have worked hard to keep the momentum of the team.

Senior Captains Ryan Hoza and Liam Manning have accredited many different reasons for why the wrestling team is doing well.

“I think a lot of the seniors this year have a desire to get better. And I think we have a lot of incoming freshmen and sophomores who also are interested in getting better. So we have like the largest team we’ve had in a while. And so I think that, matched with a harder work ethic in the room has improved our team exponentially,” Manning said.

Hoza and Manning have credited wrestling to be a big part of their lives, as it has helped with adversity, overcoming obstacles, set new challenges for them, and it sets the bar very high for expectations.

“It’s really nerve racking and it’s hard to get over a lot of the emotions you feel before you go out there. Especially when you know you’re wrestling a kid that’s a lot better than you. And when you’re at a young age, like a freshman wrestling, like an adult, male senior, like it’s, it’s a lot of pressure and like that’s like the biggest takeaway out of it,” Manning said.

Junior Nick Tufano has also faced these challenges. As someone who wants to be a captain next year and help motivate the team, Tufano recognizes the work ethic and the mentality that is needed for wrestling.

“ …And not everything that you want to do to get better is going to come without pain and like hard work, and it shows you like, you know, what the standard should be. If you want to achieve big things, you should ask yourself, how much work would you have to put in, for it to reflect,” Tufano said.

Hoza stated the positive impacts of wrestling, and also talked about the bad connotations that the sport of wrestling faces due to the myth that all wrestlers cut weight. Hoza suggested that people really should give wrestling a chance, as it has helped him stay in shape and it has kept his priorities in sight. He also explained the weight loss is mainly natural because it happens when you are trying to get in good shape.

That being said, the team has a great work ethic, and it is unfortunate that nothing lasts forever, and the team will lose its valuable assets next year. That being the seniors that have worked very hard to pave the way, and to inspire the underclassmen to perform better. And for Senior Captains Ryan Hoza and Liam Manning to not be a part of the team next year, it will have quite an impact overall on the team.

Tufano had a few words to say about the inspiring impact of the seniors: “They really define what hard work is and, you know, not being a bum, not like letting the small things impact how hard you work and how good you wrestle the edge. I Just think they’ve really set the bar high.”

The seniors want to leave a legacy behind.

“I think we’ve left a mark, making sure that the standard has been kept the same since freshman year, and making sure that Nick and some of the other juniors can bring what we brought, and make sure that next year they’re getting even better passing the torch,” Hoza said.