A Day in the Life of Fiona Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday

by Stella Traphagen, Sports Editor

Super Bowl LVII. One of the biggest events of the year. 113 million tuned in to watch around the world, while nearly 73,000 people watched from State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Would you make the trip if you had the opportunity?

Senior at the high school, Fiona Reilly, has been fortunate enough to go to the Super Bowl three years in a row. This year, she was able to get a last minute flight in order to see it and is super excited to share her current and past experience.

Reilly has the opportunity to do this because of her mom, Mary Ann Reilly, the CMO of Visa in North America. Visa has sponsorships with a lot of large-scale events like the FIFA women’s World Cup, the Olympic and Paralympic Movements and the NFL.

While quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs went for his second Super Bowl win against the opposing quarterback, Jalen Hurts of the Eagles, Reilly was there, front and center.

Here’s the guide on how to successfully “do” the Super Bowl according to three year spectator Fiona Reilly:

  • What to wear: 
    • Depending on the location and weather of the annual game tales into what and how to dress.
    • “You want to be comfortable but still look nice,” Reilly said. “Jeans paired with a t-shirt and light coat would be appropriate for Arizona’s weather at 75 degrees.”
    • Always wear sneakers because you will be on your feet more than you think you will—the crowd is standing for the majority of the game.
  • What to bring:
    • Sunglasses/hat for the tailgate, even though it was overcast
    • A portable phone charger for when your phone dies because you will want to record
    • If bringing a bag, it must be transparent for security reasons
  • What food to eat:
    • Each year, the games have similar foods and drinks
      • Lots of finger food: sliders, fries, chicken tenders, chips and salsa
      • As well as walking tacos, hot dogs and avocado toast
    • As expected, the food stops are overwhelmed with people, so when you choose to go—grab everything you can!
  • What to expect with the fans:
    • No matter what side you’re on, the fans were going wild—people chanting and jumping around.
    • The game was so back and forth: “I was on the Eagles side and I was scared for my life at the end,” Reilly said.
  • How to make it out of the chaotic exit:
    • There really isn’t really a way to beat the crowds, but this stadium was big enough and strategically thought out, so people can move around more efficiently.
    • It took an hour to get in and out of the Sofi Stadium in L.A last year due to the massive amount of people and slight COVID restrictions, but this year was not bad at all in comparison. 

Those watching on TV do not get to see how rushed the workers are to get the halftime show ready in time and what they are doing during commercial breaks. The commercials shield you from the things that may come across as unorganized or sloppy.

“The chaos, the fans, the halftime show, it’s all just so much better in person,” Reilly said.

Would you go? Or would you rather watch it in the comfort of your own home?