We need our water back!

by Kieran Kennedy, Social Media Manager

It is recommended that the average person needs 2.7 to 3.7 liters of water per day, but some may need more. No water for a long period of time can result in headaches and fatigue, but also can affect your skin, causing it to dry up. Medical New Today stated the effects of dehydration come on quickly”  which transfers to temperature variance among the classrooms here at GRHS.


 In Glen Rock High School, the water fountains are going on a three year run of being shut down. They started shutting them down in March 2020 in the midst of Covid beginning. Being back from Covid now, the water fountains are still unusable.


This is a huge problem, because personally, I need to be drinking water constantly throughout the day and that is the case with many students attending this High School. With the water fountains being shut down, the only way to drink water throughout the day is to bring a water bottle, but as a highschooler waking up early that may be easily forgotten. If the faculty and staff of Glen Rock don’t bring a water bottle to school, they are spending a 7 hour day in a hot sweaty school. There have been many times where I have been sitting in a hot classroom, super dehydrated, craving water and I am unable to get it simply because I didn’t bring a water bottle.With the water fountains being shut down the nurses office is the only accessible water which shuts down quickly. 

Recently it has been backed up due to the population flooding the water leaving them with no cups.The no water is impacting the communities ability to learn. They are spending quality class time thinking about when that next sip of water will occur or even roaming the schools for someone with a water bottle. The water fountains should open so they aren’t just accessible to only people who brought water bottles, but they are accessible to anybody, like me who get super dehydrated during the day and forget their water bottle.