Fashion Trends: From Teacher Generation to Student Generation

by Jonathan Garcia, Staff Writer

Given Glen Rock High School’s latest fashion trends, it’s clear that we have an amazing sense of style, but what about Glen Rock before 2023? Obviously, fashion trends can either die out, come back, or stay consistent throughout the years. Here, we are going to look at GRHS’ clothing choices that date back a few years ago, and how they relate to each other.


It is 2023, and the clothing styles are raging. Many trends are coming back such as short inseams on shorts for boys, crop tops, mom jeans, cargos, and so much more. Yet, others tend to wear more sweats and leggings daily with ugg slippers. For the most part, some of these trends have usually been around since the 1940’s and received a sudden revival into the early 2000’s. But, there are so many trends that are never going to die out. Both teenagers and teachers are sometimes seen wearing converse around the hallways, and flared leggings/jeans. As one can see, there is so much relation within fashion throughout different eras. As an extra opinion on how today’s fashion differs from fashion a few years ago, Freshman Lily Pijanowski said, “I feel like it’s more about comfort than ‘looking the part’ for your job.”


One of Glen Rock High School’s English teachers, Ms. Girgin, has many observations on this topic. She says that when she was in high school in Montvale, girls wore the same general clothing today; uggs, sweatpants, and hoodies. She points out, “I always thought it was really disappointing, out of all the splendid ensembles the girls could be wearing, they tended to choose comfort over glitz.” Another teacher, Ms. Coletta, says that flared jeans and bell bottom jeans are definitely coming back, as some kids and teachers are wearing them today. Here, there is an obvious connection to what Pijanowski and Girgin both said, how most kids today prefer comfort over putting effort in outfits they put together. 


Both interviews clearly show what both the teacher generation and student generation’s offer in terms of clothing and opinion. The students today prefer more in the sweats genre. This is similar to the teacher generation, back when teachers were in high school, teenagers focused more on comfort as well.