Top five movies to get you into the holiday spirit

by Audrey Damis, Staff Writer

As the Holidays are approaching, we will all be looking for some holiday movies to watch! While there may be some new movies which are good, here are five of the classics that I believe are the best out there. Watch these with your family to get into the holiday spirit!

It’s not up for debate, “Elf” is the best holiday movie. This movie is hilarious, following the journey of Buddy the Elf as he leaves the North pole for the first time to find his biological dad in New York City. Actor Will Ferrell does a great job of portraying the cheerful and clueless character of Buddy throughout the movie, and Buddy and his dad’s dynamic is a very funny component of the movie. In essence, this is a must watch for the holiday season.

“Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” is a close second to “Elf.” This movie shows the journey Rudolph takes after being rejected by the other reindeers because his nose was different from everyone else. This movie also shows a great message – to accept others for their uniqueness because our differences should be appreciated. If you are looking for less of a comedy and more of something that portrays the spirit of the holidays, this is the perfect movie for you.

A timeless movie you cannot miss out on is “The Grinch.” I would rank this movie third. It follows the story of a character named the Grinch who hates Christmas and wants to officially end it by taking all of the towns’ presents away. However, the end of the story conveys a great message and what the Holidays are truly about – giving and coming together. This is another movie that illustrates a beautiful message.

Another must-watch is my fourth ranking, “Charlie Brown Christmas.” The Charlie Brown movies are always great for the Holidays and very fun to watch with the family.

“Home Alone” is my last, but not least, favorite movie. It is a very funny movie that follows the story of how a young boy spends his Christmas after he is left by his family who went on Christmas vacation. Similar to “Elf,” this is a movie to watch if you are looking for more of a comedy.

In conclusion, these holiday picks are all classics that you can count on to get you into the holiday spirit!