“This isn’t who we are:” Bathrooms Vandalized

by Cole Tennant and Kieran Kennedy

A crisis has struck Glen Rock High School leaving the boys bathrooms ravaged. Vandalism has hit the GRHS bathrooms hard in the past year leaving more than $2000 in damages to four different bathrooms. 

Since Dec 2021 a common theme of vandalizing the boys bathrooms at GRHS are resulting in many of them being out of service. Some of these actions include putting paper towel dispensers in toilets, flushing bottles and rolls of toilet paper, littering walls and ceilings with paper towels and other miscellaneous destruction. This type of behavior is not a common occurrence at GRHS and is not acceptable in the eyes of the student body.

Glen Rock is a beautiful community; families and businesses take great pride in keeping their property clean and presentable. This same mentality must be adopted by all students on this campus. It is not acceptable to litter the campus, to walk over trash without picking it up, to condone filthy bathrooms or intentional destruction,” High School Principal Dr. Parent stated.

On Wednesday Dec. 7, Dr. Parent and class leaders addressed all Middle and High School boys concerning the situation. High School Senior Owen Ryan called out the perpetrators, “spoiled, rich degenerates.” Much of the blame has been directed towards the underclassman and middle schoolers due to the argument of immaturity. (This is obviously, not all underclassmen and middle schoolers) 

At the meeting Parent also mentioned an action plan regarding the situation. Three boys bathrooms will remain open on campus until the beginning of the second semester, two in the high school and one in the middle school. (Normally there are seven boys bathrooms open and operating throughout the campus.) Since this meeting, another bathroom in the high school has been closed and we are now down to one remaining in the high school. 

Teachers are also angered by this behavior. Gym/Health teacher Bonnie Zimmermann stated, “Is that who you are? Is that who you want to be? It really just amazes me that someone would think of these things, and then go out and do them on a regular basis. There’s nothing funny about it.” She also said that the bathrooms being locked is “disruptive of class time”. Students are starting to spend more time looking for a bathroom, which is usually a quick 5 minute trip than spending quality time in the classroom learning the materials. 

Many juniors and seniors are preaching, this should not be how we want to be represented and known as. We should take pride in our school and our property.