The 3 best and worst Arizona Iced Tea flavors

by Devin Smith, Staff Writer

Arizona Iced Tea is loved by many for its wide variety of flavors and never changing 99 cent price, but which flavor is worth buying over the others? Which flavors should you never buy?

The worst flavor is definitely sweet tea. I don’t even know why Arizona decided to make this flavor. It tastes like sugar water with bad breath and is just so underwhelming. I feel bad for all the people who thought they were buying the half and half iced tea because this is far from it.

Strawberry kiwi is the second worst because it tastes like yogurt. The artificial kiwi flavor combined with strawberry was a terrible business decision and I will never be buying it again.

Watermelon is the third worst flavor. Marketed as watermelon but tastes like pear juice. The bland flavor makes $4 Fiji water more worth buying. If you have 99 cents and this is the last flavor available, you should go to a public water fountain.

Green tea with ginseng and honey is the third best flavor. If I had to pick one flavor that I never get tired of, it would be green tea. It has a sort of floral, subtly sweet flavor which makes it possible to finish a whole can. This flavor is perfect for people who don’t want a cavity but need a refreshing drink with some sweetness.

The second best flavor is mango. People either hate mango or absolutely love it. The overwhelming sweetness and tropical flavor have terrible balance, but that is exactly what makes mango great. It’s loud and vibrant and pronounces itself as the sweetest flavor.

Raspberry Iced Tea is the best flavor because it has the perfect balance of flavor. Raspberry is without a doubt my go to, and it hits all the bases for me. It tastes like a Saturday afternoon. The nice citrus flavor from the half and half is rounded out by the sweet sugary flavor of the raspberry.