Mobius’s 50th Celebration of the Arts: “This really has been a Coffee House!”

by Catherine Youn, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Dec. 8, the Mobius Club hosted the 50th-ever Coffee House at Glen Rock High School, run by Ms. Wechtler. A showcase of local musical and poetic talent among Glen Rock High School students (and a teacher), many can attest, it was a great evening.

The Math Department’s beloved Mr. Weinberg performed “Lua” by Bright Eyes, with his guitar, the crowd erupted at the swear word in the lyrics.

Three GRHS bands performed at this event: PICO, Redacted, and Work Experience. PICO, named after Mason the drummer’s pet bird, performed “Somewhere Only We Know” and “Remember When.” This band of juniors consists of Mason Cavagnuolo, Himashri Badarvada, Leah Holzer, Adrian Klug, and Louisa Billingsley. Redacted, composed of Hunter Storey, Gabriel Cabo-Friexedas, Andrew Tarrant, and Ethan Kule, performed “Under the Bridge.” Work Experience, made up of Lila Storey, Alex Willoughby, Dennis Panchekha, Mark Davies and Hunter Storey, performed “Eleven” and their original song, “Oxygen.”

Cameron Chiappetta’s poem “Loving You is Different” explained the narrator’s rollercoaster of emotions as they go through love. The poem kept the audience enticed until it ended with a plot twist.

Other performers included poets Andrew Vincenti, Cameron Chiappetta and Lila Storey, as well as singers Olivia Thompson, Cleo Brennan, Malvika Sinha, Courtney Garger-Estati, Del Geraghty, and Alex Samuel. There were also artworks displayed by Juha Kim.