How the World Cup promotes diversity and unity worldwide

by Evie McGowan, Staff Writer

A celebration of culture, humanity, and national pride – the FIFA World Cup continues to unite our world through sport.

Fans all over the world of all ages and backgrounds have tuned in to watch the beautiful game together. Millions of eyes on the same match, from packed crowds under enormous livescreens in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to young children in African villages huddled around a small computer system.

This sense of unity even made its way to Glen Rock High School. Many students were enthused with support for Team USA and others for the national teams of their own ethnic background. I spoke to Mr. Weinberg, math teacher and coach, about his thoughts on what the World Cup does for the community here and all over the world.

“One of the most important things about the World Cup is that it promotes different cultures and exposes the world to them. Students will get to see the customs and traditions of countries that they might not have ever thought of or even heard of (I’m thinking about the African countries like Senegal and Morocco),” he explained.

This year, the Moroccan national team made history by being the first African team to make it to the World Cup semifinals. The global broadcast gives viewers the opportunity to learn more about the country and other smaller nations through their star players, celebrating fans, and unique culture.

“It’s really important for kids (especially kids that live in a homogenous bubble like Glen Rock) to see that different societies exist, and what better way than through the wide world of sports! It’s pretty similar to the Olympics, in that regard,” Mr. Weinberg said, commenting on how such an entertaining sport has the power to unite countries big and small all over the world. Bringing this celebration of diversity to our town is incredibly meaningful in a time when we are seeking unity over conflict.