“Die Hard”: The ultimate Christmas movie

by Cadia Warner, Profile Editor

     With the holiday season right around the corner, nothing beats snuggling up and watching your favorite holiday movie. You may be thinking of “The Grinch” or “Frosty the Snowman”, but I’ll be watching “Die Hard”. 

     Being a popular debate around this time of year, I’m about to tell you why “Die Hard” is in fact, a Christmas movie. (For transparency, be advised that the film is rated R for swearing and profanity.) What makes a holiday movie? Snow? A tree? Singing? Maybe it needs to follow an arc of love or redemption or have something to do with family. Taking a look at the 1988 film, most of these things are present. Yes, there’s decorations hanging up and yes, there’s a holiday radio station playing in the limousine, but there’s more than that. Ultimately, John came all the way to LA from NY just to see his family- while they’re going through a rough patch, I might add. (Do I sense redemption?!) It could have been any other day, but he just wanted to surprise his kids on Christmas eve. What screams holiday cheer more than that?

     In a survey, GRHS students shared where they stand on the issue and why. Out of 40+ responses, they were split 50/50 on whether or not “Die Hard” is a “Christmas Movie”. Responses ranged from “it takes place on Christmas” to “it’s about being with your family”. One student even said they wouldn’t watch it any other time of year.

     Maybe your mind hasn’t changed. Many survey responses were along the lines of “it’s an action movie that happens to take place at a Christmas party” or “it only incorporates Christmas at the start and end of the movie”. Although this is completely valid (and true), we need to look beyond the materialistic consumer concept of Christmas. We might think of Santa and elves, but we tend to ignore the themes of togetherness and family.

     If I haven’t convinced you yet, maybe data is more your thing. According to Movies Anywhere, streaming companies concluded that purchases of “Die Hard” went up by over 1000% in December of 2018 and over 900% in December of 2019. Proving the movie is streamed more around the holiday season- which doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

     While unmatched to singular plotline Hallmark movies when it comes to snow globes and love at first sight, “Die Hard” is undeniably full of holiday spirit through its morals and messages. Take some advice from John and apply these principles to your life. This holiday season, put down your phone and be with your family. Help hang decorations or lend a hand in the kitchen- I promise you won’t regret it.