2022 Pop Culture moments that altered my brain chemistry


Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

by Naomi Bashan, Opinion Editor

Dear 2022, you were wild, you were unhinged- you were borderline insane. Over the course of the past 12 measly months, chaos ensued in the realm of popular culture. Now that the year is speeding to an end, looking back gives me whiplash. Here’s four moments that left me entirely speechless.

Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

When comedian Chris Rock delivered an off-hand joke at the expense of actress Jada Pinkett Smith, he definitely did not foresee a smack to the face. Although Will Smith later publicly apologized for delivering the blow, the damage was done. At first, I was sure it was a skit- why would two grown men assault each other at a prestigious award show? This moment was not one I could have ever predicted. The audience went silent, Twitter blew up, and the slap heard ‘round the world will forever remain one of the most shocking moments in Oscar history. 

Kim Kardashian dating Pete Davidson

This short-lived relationship will forever stay in my heart. This former couple has a whopping 13 year age gap, with Kim Kardashian having four kids and Pete Davidson still living with his mother. I guess opposites really do attract. When the pair first performed a skit on NBC’S Saturday Night Live dressed as Disney’s Jasmine and Aladdin, I thought that they lacked chemistry- turns out I was dead wrong. Davidson was ready to show Kardashian a “whole new world.” Kardashian’s whirlwind romance with comedian Davidson resulted in one picture perfect trip to Tahiti, four permanent tattoos, a Met Gala debut, and one White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Honestly, I’m still holding out hope that this duo reconciles.

Elon Musk buying Twitter and firing all his employees 

Elon Musk acquiring Twitter after jokingly making an offer to buy the social media platform was one truly of the most bizarre situations of this year. This CEO was always known for his outrageous behavior, but has he taken it too far?  No one wants a detached-from-reality businessman running a top social media site. In fact, it seems like a practical joke, except, no one’s laughing. One of Musk’s first moves as “Chief Twit” was firing around 7,500 Twitter employees who criticized him. Yikes. Can’t handle the heat, Elon? Will 2023 finally bring about the downfall of this delusional billionaire? I sure hope so. #ElonMuskIsOverParty

Singer Adam Levine cheating on model Behati Prinsloo

Infidelity spread like a nasty virus this year when Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine cheated on his supermodel wife, Behati Prinsloo.The scandal came to light when model Sumner Stroh posted a TikTok video sharing flirtatious DMs between her and Levine, since then, several other women have come forward. Now I understand why the Maroon Five hit “She Will Be Loved” was so vague- Levine likely told several different women that the song was written especially for them. Are Maroon Five’s love anthems forever corrupt? Karma is real…Levine will get what’s coming to him in 2023.

2022 was an emotional rollercoaster decked out with steep inclines, tight turns and stupid celebrity scandals. Pop culture news was thrilling, shocking, and…so dumb. This is one amusement park I’m happy to leave- 2023, do better.