Most Important News of 2022

by Neil Sahu, News Editor

2022 was no different than previous years in terms of news. This year, a lot of important news has happened in our world, and 2022 has had a lot of interesting news. From topics ranging from this years World Cup to the late death of Queen Elizabeth II, here are some of this years most newsworthy events: 

The death of Queen Elizabeth II –  Queen Elizabeth II was the queen of England from 1952 until her death in late 2022. Queen Elizabeth II impacted England in many ways that previous monarchs hadn’t done before. According to, Queen Elizabeth II helped transform the United Kingdom into a Commonwealth, and she was the first British monarch to address congress. Queen Elizabeth II had also contributed to more than 600 British organizations and raised almost 2 billion dollars, as well as overhauling the monarchy’s finances.  Unfortunately, there was a decline in global influence, but how her death will affect the future is surely uncertain.

Roe V. Wade overturned – On June 24th 2022, the US Constitution declared that Roe V Wade would be overturned, thereby no longer declaring that abortion is a constitutional right. Roe. V Wade was set into place on January 23rd, 1973 after a single pregnant woman challenged the constitutionality of the Texas abortion laws. Since then, Roe V. Wade has been in contention for years on end. This year, Roe. V Wade was overturned, but states are still fighting for abortion rights.

World Cup 2022 – The 22nd FIFA World Cup is here! This year, the World Cup is taking place in Qatar and at an unusual time of year due to the weather. 32 teams have qualified for the FIFA World Cup and Argentina won the finals by beating France in penalties 4 -2. This World Cup has had many upsets and some unexpected outcomes during its span. Unfortunately, the United States lost the world cup when they made it to the round of 16 and lost to Netherlands. There are three people on the United States Men’s National Soccer team who were greatly involved in the World Cup that are originally from New Jersey: Matt Turner (Goalie), Gregg Berhalter (Coach), and Brendan Aaronson (Attacking Midfielder). 

2022 Inflation Surge – The worldwide increase of inflation began in mid 2021, and is still lasting today. There are many causes to blame for the worldwide inflation, but it is mainly due to the lasting effects of the pandemic. The invasion of Ukraine is another big reason for the inflation surge, because this influenced gas prices to increase significantly. This also increased global food prices and corporate price gouging. New Jersey has been greatly affected by this inflation surge. According to NewsWeek, Gas prices had increased up to almost $6/gallon, the price of food has gone up, and the price of consumer goods has gone up 4.8%, according to….. 

Invasion of Ukraine – On February 24th, 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had announced a “special military operation” that was aiming to demilitarize Ukraine, and falsely claimed that Ukraine was governed by Neo-Nazis. Putin launched missiles, rockets, and airstrikes to hit across Ukraine which especially affected the capital, Kyiv. Economies of major countries have been affected, and they have condemned Russia for their actions in many different ways.