Winter Ball Possibility: Pros, Cons, and RSVP

by Mia Vergel de Dios, Staff Writer

This upcoming winter, Glen Rock High School’s student council is considering hosting the high school’s First Ever Winter Ball. This event would welcome all grades, taking place at a venue that serves hors d’oeurves, magical music, and a wonderful time. But the real question is, would the students of GRHS be interested in this event, taking all pros and cons into consideration?? 

To start off with the pros, the initial reason as to why the student council would want to organize this event is it would give the students an opportunity to bond not only with their peers but their older and younger highschool classmates. Equally as important, this would just be a fun and entertaining event that would give the students a slight break and relaxation from the continuous worries of school. 

Nevertheless, there are still cons that many students have brought into light. The main one being the hassle of going to this event, especially since this dance would take place at a venue and not the school’s gymnasium. 

With all things considered will you be in attendance on this starry night if the winter ball does take place? Be sure to let us know by answering the QR code.