Hugo Howitz”s comeback

by Kieran Kennedy, Social Media Manager

  One minute left between TSF Academy and the Cedar Stars. TSF Academy is up by one with defenseman Hugo Horwitz leading and keeping the Stars out of their zone at this rainy showcase day in Maryland.The clock strikes ten seconds left,  the Stars entered TSF Academy’s zone with a great opportunity to tie the game, when Hugo caught up to him making the game winning slide tackle, knocking the ball away, keeping the lead giving TSF Academy  the win 2-1.

Hugo grew up with soccer in the family; his brother Oscar was into soccer, which Horwitz stated “really drew me and guided me to love soccer”. Hugo idolized Christiano Ranoldo growing up, because of the things he taught in the game and all of the skills that can be learned from him  such as having a good IQ on the field. Whether Hugo was sitting on the couch watching  soccer or going to his brother’s game,he was always around it.

 “I learned a lot of things from it. My older brother got me into soccer. You know, he started out when he was like eight or nine. And I always looked up to him, so I thought I would try it out. And I kind of just fell in love with that.”

Entering High School, Hugo had to make a sacrifice that could better his future. Hugo had to choose between playing with his friends in High School soccer or playing club. Choosing the club, Hugo said “was a sacrifice I had to make” and it benefited him and grew him as a player. With the competition between the other teams and everyone fighting for a spot on the same team, it was more intense.
Now in senior year Horwitz showed that the club paid off when he committed to Middlebury College located in Vermont. This college became his dream school when he was just a freshman touring it with his brother, who at the time was looking to commit there for soccer. Hugo looks to continue his great soccer career there and grow the culture of the school and to continue his love of the game.

Following Hugo’s commitment, he was now eligible to return to play highschool soccer with his friends for their and his senior season. With Hugo’s first and last season for Glen Rock High School he had great success which involved him becoming one of the top of the players on the team with 12 goals and 4 assists. Soccer taught Hugo to be hard working, and if you’re tired just keep pushing because it will benefit you in the end. 

“For example, if you don’t want to, like trap back on defense in soccer, like you really just have to do it, even if you’re tired. And that kind of relates to life just like if you work hard, it’ll pay off and you’ll win.”