Homecoming Recap

by Kieran Kennedy, Social Media Manager

Homecoming,the most anticipated  week at Glen Rock High School, is finally here. It has been a big tradition at Glen Rock for so long. Homecoming week is the week that leads up to the football game on friday. The week consisted of dressing up for each day of the week. This week included dressing like a soccer mom or BBQ dad and also jersey day. This week is celebrated widely throughout the school with everyone participating and showing school spirit. Walking into the school everyday,seeing everyone dressed up in different outfits truly sets the vibe of the week

  The annual pep rally occurred on Friday during the day before the game. This consisted of many performances, games, and showing school spirit. To kick it off every grade was dressed up in their own grade color (freshman-gray, sophmores-white, juniors-red, and seniors-black). It started with a performance by our own GRHS cheerleaders. There were many events within the pep rally that really showed the school spirit. The band and cheerleaders started it off with performances that really got the school going. There one many songs being played in between events such as sticky by Drake which attracted the whole school to sing along. The following events consisted of many games the several people from each grade participated in such as musical chairs which junior Emma Destaso won , halfcourt shot which the freshman won, and tug-of-war which the seniors were able to beat the freshman,juniors and even the teachers. Each event the kids participated in immediately was followed by a teacher game. This was definitely the students favorite part because the energy was through the roof. The most popular part when the teachers brought out the t-shirt cannon, everyone got out of their seats jumping around waiting for their chance to catch one out of the cannon. 

Friday was the game the whole school was anticipating. GRHS spent the whole week prepping and getting their spirit ready for the game. The game against North Arlington kicked off at 6 p.m. and the field was packed from families from all over, Glen rock teachers, alumni, and the big student section that showed up to every home game covered in face paint head to toe and all types of costumes. Glen Rock started off strong with a 14-0 lead going into half time and continued to put the ball in the endzone adding 12 more points coming out of the half to win the  game dominantly 26-0. 


The week had an amazing finish with the homecoming dance on saturday. It was a great turn out where all grades showed up to have a great time. There was a DJ and many people were able to show their moves for the crowd. The dance also had many side events that kept the entertainment coming, such as a photo booth where you can take funny pictures of you and your friends and also food and water. Overall the dance was a great way to end homecoming week.