A new take on brunch that your Instagram feed will love!


by Ellie Hughes, Feature Editor

Imagine a pancake, topped with a slice of cake, then scoops of ice cream, throw on cookies, cotton candy, and a cherry on top and you’ve got breakfast at Brownstone Pancake Factory (BPF). With three New Jersey locations, this newfangled take on breakfast food has been getting a lot of attention. 

While their outrageous pancakes might be new, the first B.P.F. location was originally opened 45 years ago in Jersey City by native New Jerseyans, Irene and Peter Bournias. They bought a tiny subway car diner and decided to turn it into something big. Using lots of elbow and bacon grease, they made their tiny little diner into more than just a plate of pancakes. Keeping the locations strictly in Jersey was important to them and you can feel the authenticity the minute you walk in. 

As my friends and I approached the restaurant, the outdoor seating was warm and inviting. Sadly the overcast weather forced my friends and me inside. As the huge doors opened, the scent of sweet and savory breakfast food hit us like a fast-moving train that immediately transported us to the great diners from America’s past. 

With an endless selection of drinks to choose from, I finally decided on a Nut n’ Honey latte. My friend went with the legendary Oreo cookie cake shake. The latte came in a mug larger than my face, filled with the silkiest hazelnut-flavored espresso I have ever tasted. If not already amazed by the coffee, the Oreo cookie cake shake was brought out. A creamy Oreo cookie flavored milkshake, in a glass, dipped in crushed Oreos, with an obscene amount of whipped cream and chocolate syrup. What separates this milkshake from any other upscale diner is the slice of Oreo cake that sits on top of it all.

My friends and I decided to split the main course, already full from our delicious drinks. Unanimously we agreed to order the seasonal pumpkin spice pancakes. The spice flavored pancakes were topped with heaps of fluffy whipped cream, pumpkin spice maple syrup, chopped walnuts, and a warm slice of pumpkin bread to finish it off. 

The dish was the perfect end to a delectable brunch with friends. If you’re looking for breakfast food with a spin, you must stop into Brownstone.