Rap: The Genre of the Generation


by Lisa Sheynerman, Freelance Writer

Rap, for many people, can be seen as a very aggressive form of music, and it may be difficult for many people to understand what is so special about rap songs. Generally people from the older generations are typically the ones who stigmatize genres such as rap the most. However, it’s safe to say that for most people of the current generation, rap is the most prevalent genre in

their playlists. 

I surveyed 50 students: 4 middle school students, 12 freshmen, 20 sophomores, 3 juniors, 8 seniors, and 3 college students.

Out of the options of pop, rap, and indie, nearly 70% chose rap, and about 20% chose the “other option” and expressed how they like a variety of genres including rap.  Evidently, younger people tend to prefer rap music, but why? Let’s examine what people have said.

“I generally really like super-up beat songs”

“I rlly like how rap rhymes and has a nice rhythm”

“I like it because of the beat and how catchy it is. I also like it because the artists who sing the songs are trendy and popular. I listen to pop music and a big of rap too.”

I really like the flow of the music, and even though many people say it is very aggressive, it can sometimes be peaceful and poetic”

Though these are only a few of the responses I’ve received, about 30 people have said something relatively the same as to why they enjoy listening to rap: the rhythm, beat, flow, and general style of the song. 

Additionally, many people have explained why they are drawn to rap using a slightly different approach.

People have also mentioned that rap makes them feel powerful and blurs some of the stressful aspects of their lives, as well as that because rap songs are so upbeat, it makes them feel happier. 

“rap honestly just makes me feel powerful, probably bc of the rhythm and how upbeat it is”

“idk why, but there is just something to rap that fuels my energy”

“Life is hard as[expletive] so rap kinda motivates me and it is pretty hard to find a sad rap song”

“Rap is just kinda a happy genre you know. like a lot of pop songs are super depressing because they are about heartbreak and [expletive]. rap can be like that too sometimes but it is less emotional”

“I like rap because it fuels my god complex and pop makes me happy”

While most people expressed a clear reason for their enjoyment of rap, some were simply indifferent.

“im honestly fine with any genre but I mostly listen to rap and pop. I am up to listen to any genre but country”“I dont really know why I like rap. personally, if the song is good then the song is good. I have heard good rap songs, good metal songs, good pop songs, etc. but country just sucks”

“Good music=good music, doesn’t really matter what genre it is. Unless it’s country then you have very bad taste

These few people have also shown their disapproval of country music.

Overall, throughout the many genres of music that are popular today, rap is undoubtedly one of the most popular (if not the most popular) genres amongst the youth. Rappers such as Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Future, and more have fueled hundreds of thousands of people’s love for rap. Unarguably, most older people tend to steer away from rap, however I highly doubt that this is the fate of the current young rap enthusiasts of today as rap will continue developing over time.