A day in the life: Ms. Nuckley: “you stab em we slab em”


by Katie Mae Yetter, Opinion Editor

     If you are or were a freshman at GRHS, then you most likely know Ms. Nicole Nuckley. She is just one part of our outstanding science department. She teaches biology, forensics, anatomy, and physiology. She has been a teacher at GRHS for four years but taught all over Glen Rock before that. She has been a 4th-grade aid, 5th-grade aid, and 7th-grade science maternity leave replacement. 


     Nuckley is GRHS’ very own Lorelai Gilmore. Her bubbly personality makes you want to be around her all the time. Although her caffeine addiction isn’t as severe, Ms. Nuckley talks just as fast as Lorelai and is always able to bring a smile to your face.


      Much like Lorelai, Nuckley even has a fun way of answering the phone from her morgue days. While working at the morgue she picked up the phrase “you stab ‘em we slab ‘em” and now answers the phone in her classroom like that. 


       But before moving to Glen Rock, she taught in Minneapolis and Seattle after discovering her love of working with the living while doing workshops about the dead. She worked in a morgue as a forensic anthropologist and taught summer workshops before receiving her teaching degree and leaving the forensics field. 


      “ It’s a great community and it’s super convenient to where I live and ended up it’s nice because my daughter also then goes to Hamilton and because then we have the same days off and we have snow days together,” Ms. Nuckley said about living and teaching in Glen Rock.


         Nuckley starts off her morning by listening to top 40 hits on her way into school. When it comes to music she likes anything upbeat. On occasion, she will listen to classical piano or a new country like Luke Bryan. She is definitely a radio person when it comes to music. On nice days, you can catch Nuckley walking to school, which she prefers over driving. Nuckley is much more of a tea gal, black tea with cream and sugar to be specific. But if she had to drink coffee, she doesn’t want Dunkin or Starbucks. Ms. Nuckley wants Caribou Coffee, her favorite coffee shop in the Midwest. 


      Nuckley loves to enjoy her lunchtime in the library talking with teachers, former students, and current students. 


       “ I guess just catch up with people like talk, talk to students and other teachers about stuff.” she said with a big smile. Some of her favorite things to discuss are T.V shows, music, or just catching up with people she hasn’t talked to in a while. Her favorite place in the whole school is Ms. Cella’s big art room with all the windows. 


       Though she loves her morning walks to school, Nuckley is more of a night person. When she gets home from school, she greets her daughter’s lizard Jake. Her favorite places to order dinner from in town are Francesca’s, Rock Kitchen, and Panera but she would much rather just cook at home. She finds that the food in restaurants just doesn’t live up to her standards sometimes. 


        Nuckley likes to finish off her night with some episodes of Queer Eye and a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream. Then she gets ready to do it all over again.