Addressing the controversy: Which Glen Rock pizzeria is best?

by Naomi Bashan, Social Media Manager

As a self-proclaimed pizza expert, I’m here to settle the generational Glen Rock pizzeria debate. If you’re from here, you have a favorite pizza place. Pizza is not merely cuisine, but rather a lifestyle. You’re either a John’s Boy fan, a Francesca’s fan, or a Turvino’s fan. More than that, your favorite place becomes your identity. We are all divided on the quest for the perfect slice of ‘za. Believe it or not, dear reader, there is a right answer. I tried every place, and ranked it in terms of fair criteria: the pizza itself, the atmosphere, and the rest of the menu.

The Best Slice in Town: John’s Boy

John’s Boy Pizzeria is one of the charming small-town fixtures that makes Glen Rock so endearing. John’s Boy has remained family owned since the restaurant’s opening in 1983, now owned by Patrizia, daughter of John- who originally opened the pizzeria and Umberto, who was hired by John in the early years of the pizzeria. When it comes to the best cheese pizza slice in Glen Rock, John’s Boy takes the cake, or rather, the pie. Fresh out of the oven, with a perfect cheese to sauce ratio, John’s Boy does pizza the best. The pizzeria has a vintage feel, with a white and red tile design and arranged wooden booths. John’s Boy also has different Italian foods, such as baked ziti and lasagna, but I think that the pizza has the best value. I’m definitely more of a thin-crust gal, but if you like your pizza sicilian-style, John’s Boy has got you covered.

A Worthy Adversary: Francesca’s Pizza

Francesca’s Pizza, established in Glen Rock in 2008, is owned by brothers Salvatore and Gino Reina. Named after the pair’s Sicilian grandmother, Francesca’s Pizzeria makes a top-notch plain slice, almost rivaling that of John’s Boy. In the category of specialty slices, such as buffalo chicken pizza, or eggplant and ricotta pizza, Francesca’s wins overall. I love my John’s Boy cheese slice, but I don’t think it beats the specialty slices from good ol’ Fran’s. Beyond that, there’s more variety in their menu: offering paninis, wraps, and calzones. Francesca’s is a bigger restaurant size-wise in comparison to John’s Boy. The place has canary yellow walls and signed soccer balls hung up on the walls. Francesca’s is versatile, offering pastas and salads. This makes it a great place to bring pickier family members.

Just Okay: Turvino’s

Turvino’s just doesn’t do it for me. There is always something to be desired when it comes to food quality and overall atmosphere. Turvino’s dining room is very pleasant, with brown/gray walls and comfortable seating. Truthfully, you can still order a great slice of pizza from Turvino’s, but it pales in comparison to Francesca’s and John’s Boy. The Turvino’s experience is not necessarily bad, just not as good in my eyes. However, in terms of location, it’s extremely convenient. Opened in 1980 (the oldest pizzeria on this list!) Turvino’s is located on Prospect Street, providing pizza to all of Eastern Glen Rock. Francesca’s and John’s Boy are both located downtown, which is inconvenient for those who live farther. Don’t let my view discourage you from your Turvino’s fix: it’s just not my cup of tea, but it could very well be yours!

Ah. Glen Rock and its trinity of pizzerias. While I am a John’s Boy kinda gal, I think when it comes to Glen Rock pizzerias, you can’t ever go wrong. Whatever pizza place floats your boat, tickles your fancy, pitters your patter, starts your fire- your money is going to support a small business. One thing that is inarguable about Glen Rock: we know pizza. After you put down this paper (not before reaching the very last page!) -or exit the site, treat yourself to a slice. You deserve it.