Playa Bowls: A go to place to grab a healthy and delicious snack

by Ananya Seghal, Freelance Writer

While walking into the busy part of Ridgewood, a bright colorful sign can be seen from a mile away. The greenery that surrounds the building and the outdoor seating creates a gorgeous setup. The attractive colors of blue, purple, green urge you to come inside and see the amazing organization of the place. It gives off a beachy vibe with all the fruits and scenery that the place is made to look like. 

Playa Bowls is a go to place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a quick snack to grab. It is a lovely and heartwarming place to go sit and eat. The healthy, nutritious, and yummy bowls are made fresh on the spot and are a delight to eat. The shop is so pretty and well set up and organized. The chairs and the seating was put in clear rows. The place wasn’t overcrowded; rather there was free space to move around and feel free. The space was also created animal friendly and so that COVID didn’t get in the way and everyone felt safe and good to enjoy and relax. It felt like walking onto a tropical island. The place is very welcoming and everyone is friendly. 

Although Playa Bowls has a big menu with various shakes, smoothies, and coffees, the most famous of them all is the fruit bowls that they make. A Playa Bowls include the following: a base, a variety of fruits, and toppings to garnish it. They allow for people to make their own decision on what to add and what type of bowl they are feeling like eating. 

Some of the signature bowls are Acai Nutella Bowl, Pink Flamingo, Coco Craze, and the Tide. All bowls have a different variation of fruits and toppings to create a unique bowl each time. The fruits, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and so many more are fresh and most of them are tropical fruits that are healthy and nutritious. The toppings, granola, Nutella, and coconut flakes add to the delicious bowl and add flavor. The base however is the most important part. Some of the bases are acai, which is a tropical fruit, bananas, coconut, and many more. This is the layer that everything is topped on. 

The best part about Playa bowls is that it fills your stomach any time of the day. The cost for one bowl is about $11 without extra toppings added. The bowls are efficient and they also are worth it. They fill your stomach without having to eat too much and buy a bigger bowl. 

Everytime I walk into Playa bowls, I usually buy the same bowl every time because it is so addicting and the flavors combined taste like heaven. I ordered the signature Nutella acai bowl. The bowl has a base of acai, with granola, bananas, strawberries, coconut flakes, and most importantly Nutella drizzle. Sometimes this bowl gets too heavy to eat, but it is worthwhile. It fills your heart with joy. Every bit I take from this bowl makes me feel happy and it is just absolutely delicious. The size and quantity of the bowl is just perfect. 

From entering the restaurant to leaving out, the staff members are welcoming and make you feel like you belong. They are so polite and they always ask you for your personal opinions on which food you would like. The staff members are so patient and they also prepare the bowls really fast. The greenery and cool colors are reflecting a beach. 

I would totally recommend going to Playa Bowls any time of the day and try the bowls! Unlike most foods, they are healthy and delicious at the same time. It should be chosen over Frutta Bowls. This is because Frutta Bowls don’t bring the numerous toppings and the different options you have with Playa Bowls. The bowls don’t have as much flavor as Frutta bowls. Playa bowls decorations are on top of everything.  Everything about this place is close to perfect and it is worth the visit.